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Is your rent too high?
Is your rent too high?
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How we help consumers

Lower Rent & Tenancy Law

We can help with many issues concerning your rent. E.g., we reduce your rent with rent brake and rent cap, have your rent increase warded off by our partner lawyers and protect you against possible disputes with the landlord with our special tenant protection.

Everything about rent

Termination & Labour Law

Were you laid off? Terminations are often unlawful. Have your termination checked or use the severance calculator to calculate your possible severance pay. If you are interested, the CONNY partner attorneys are ready to help you.

All termination services

Internet too slow?

Paying for what you actually get; that would be fair. Under EU law, you are entitled to contract performance. We help you to reduce your internet costs or to terminate your DSL contract.

Go to Weniger-Internetkosten

Family Law & Child Support

Problems with the enforcement of child support? Our legal experts will help you to receive a legal maintenance order and ensure that you can also count on child support in the future. Close cooperation with you is our priority: a contact person is always available for you by telephone.

Go to our family law service

Consumer rights are in our DNA

We want everyone to be able to make use of their rights as consumers - regardless of whether they can afford a lawyer and how high the value of the dispute is. That’s why we have built a tech platform which makes enforcing a legal claim as convenient, with no financial risk and affordable as ordering a pizza. Click & claim.

How it works

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Step 1

Select your service, enter your details and upload the corresponding contract. Everything online!

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Step 2

CONNY takes over your case completely and takes care of it until the settlement or judgement.

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Step 3

You will be notified of the verdict or decide on the settlement offer.

FAQs is a service of the company CONNY. CONNY is a "LegalTech" company, which can handle a lot of cases, such as rent reductions, in a very short time through automation and artificial intelligence.

CONNY is a Legal Tech company that offers services with a focus on consumer protection and enforces these services for you with legal experts and contract lawyers. In addition, we use artificial intelligence to analyse and standardise legal cases. This enables CONNY to process a large number of cases within a short period of time. A classic lawyer, on the other hand, usually handles each case manually without the help of automation and artificial intelligence. Therefore, a lawyer working individually can of course not process as many cases and consequently cannot derive as many insights from these cases as we can.

We only charge a fee if a lawsuit was successful or a settlement with the other party could be reached. In this case a percentage of your savings will be charged as a fee. Thus we bear the entire financial risk for you! If we are not successful, there are no costs for you.

With your ‘power of attorney’ you assign your claims to us so that we can enforce them in your name. With this power of attorney, we can agree on a settlement with the other party on your behalf and, in case of doubt, also go to court.

The fees vary depending on the service. You will find more detailed information on the respective product pages

Yes, you can use all services without legal protection insurance. If you would like to take out cover for emergencies now, you can make preventive use of the precautionary services such as tenant protection and employee protection for a small monthly fee (starting from €4/Month).

CONNY supports you all along the way - No matter how long it takes. We first try to settle your case with the opposing party. If that does not work out successfully, we cover all court fees necessary until the case has been decided upon.

The required data depends on your chosen service. You will be guided through the corresponding questionnaire, which asks for all relevant information. In addition, we need the respective contract and the authorisation to represent you. IMPORTANT: Please be accurate with the information you provide in the questionnaires! This information forms the basis for the dispute with your contractual partner. If your information turns out to be incorrect, we have no chance of winning your case for you!

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