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Save €300 a month with rent-control

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Step 1: Answer a few questions about your flat and ask Conny to lower your rent.

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Mandate CONNY

Mandate CONNY and we will take care of enforcing your right to a fair rent. You don't need to do anything else.

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Pay a fair rent

Step 3: Enjoy a fair and lower rent. By the way: You only pay a commission to CONNY if you are successful.

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Consumer rights are in our DNA!

We want everyone to be able to make use of their rights as consumers - regardless of whether they can afford a lawyer and how high the value of the dispute is.

That’s why we have built a tech platform which makes enforcing a legal claim as convenient, with no financial risk and affordable as ordering a pizza.

Rated Excellent by customers

CONNY was able to ease all my worries as a strong partner at my side.

Vanessa had not been employed by her former employer for long, which is why the dismissal for operational reasons was completely unexpected. She decided to take action and received a fair severance package thanks to CONNY.

Consumer rights news

All information about rent control

The law on the "permissible rent level at the start of the rental period" (§ 556d BGB), better known as the Mietpreisbremse (rent control), is a nationwide law that came into force in 2015. It enables numerous tenants to reduce their rent in the long term with legal certainty.

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When is a rent increase allowed?

You receive a letter from your landlord: The rent is being increased. Is that really legal? How high can a rent increase be? Rent increases are often unjustified and you canobject against them.

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How to get your rent deposit back

You move into a new apartment, but your former landlord simply keeps your rent deposit? Find out now what rights you have as a tenant and in which cases the landlord is allowed to retain the deposit.

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Dismissal protection suit: procedure & costs

Many terminations are incorrect or not justified. In this guide, we explain how you can defend yourself against unlawful termination and what formal criteria you must meet. Important: You only have 3 weeks to file an action for unfair dismissal.

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BGH ruling on unlawful account fees

Postbank and other banks collected account management fees without the consent of their customers - illegally! The BGH ruling of April 27, 2021 has exciting consequences for all consumers with bank accounts.

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How must severance pay be taxed?

Since 2006, former employers have had to pay taxes on their severance pay directly to the tax office, the only exclusion being social security contributions. However, anyone who receives a severance payment has four options for saving taxes.

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