3/4 of all rents are too high! Here's how to lower yours.

What few people know: Landlords are not allowed to set the basic rent at random, but must adhere to the law. Rents are therefore only permitted if they are no more than 10% more expensive than comparable rents in the area. But how can this be checked? We explain how hundreds of thousands of Berliners should proceed.

How can you take action – and save money at the same time?

The magic word is "rent control". The rent control (Section 556d BGB) is currently the only legally secure instrument for reducing rents. It has been in force since 2015 and was confirmed by the Federal Constitutional Court in 2018. Thanks to the rent control, the rent in "tight housing markets" may not be more than 10% above the local comparative rent for new tenancies. The law refers to the regional rent index. If a rent is more than 10% above the local comparative rent, tenants have the right to reduce it to the maximum permitted rent level.

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Tenants save ⌀ 300 Euro thanks to CONNY!

With the CONNY Rent Control Calculator, tenants can check within a few minutes whether they are paying too much rent. CONNY also enforces the rent control, deals with the landlord and goes to court if necessary. Tenants do not pay a cent for this: A success fee is only charged if the rent reduction is successful. This is often already covered by the repayment claim against the landlord.

Your rights in 3 steps

1. Check if you are paying too much rent

Rental agreements from 2015 onwards are subject to the rent control. Use the CONNY Rent Control Calculator to find out immediately if and how much rent you are paying too much.

2. Entrust CONNY to reduce your rent

We enforce your rights and go through all instances for you. A commission is only charged if we are successful!

3. Pay less rent. It's your right!

Tenants can expect to save an average of 300 euros.

Check your savings potential

Volodymyr from Berlin

Volodymyr was able to reduce his rent by a third with the help of the rent control. He says that the sooner you activate it, the more money you can save.

Read his experience report here

CONNY founder Dr. Daniel Halmer introduces the company:

CONNY is Germany's leading online platform for legal services in tenancy law, employment law and telecommunications law.

Since it was founded in 2016, CONNY has successfully enforced the rent control for thousands of customers – and has even been tested and recommended in this area by Stiftung Warentest.


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  1. Fill out the form and submit information with just a few clicks.
  1. We take over your case and initiate the proceedings.
  1. CONNY will cover all legal fees and court costs.
  1. You receive your claim paid out and you can pay less rent in the future.

Thousands of tenants are already enforcing the rent control with CONNY. You can expect to save an average of 300 euros per month.

Calculate your potential rent savings now in just a few minutes.