After being dismissed: Registering with the employment office

You have been dismissed? Here is all you have to know about how and when du register at the employment agency.

In a nutshell

  • After being dismissed in Germany, you have to register with the employment agency first as a jobseeker and then as unemployed.
  • Register as a jobseeker within three days after receiving your notice of termination and as unemployed no later than the first day after the end of the employment relationship.
  • If you miss the deadlines, you will receive your unemployment benefits late.
  • Your notice of termination, you may also be entitled to severance pay. Check here.

Registering as a jobseeker or as unemployed?

The terms "job-seeking" and "unemployed" are often used synonymously, so we will briefly explain what they mean. All employees whose employment relationship is about to end due to dismissal must register as jobseekers. On the other hand, you only need to register as unemployed as soon as your employment relationship ends and you have not yet found a job.

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Registering as a jobseeker: What do you need to be aware of?

After you received notice of termination, you must register promptly with the Employment Agency in order to receive unemployment benefits. It is best to register early or within three days at the latest. If your notice period is longer than three months, you can also register as a jobseeker up to three months before the end of the notice period.

You can register as a jobseeker

If you miss the deadline, your unemployment benefits may be refused. If you do not report within the deadline that applies to you, the Employment Agency can impose a one-week blocking period on your unemployment benefit. This means that you will not receive unemployment benefit until one week after the end of your employment relationship, despite being unemployed. To avoid this, you should therefore register with the Employment Agency early.

Documents to bring:

  • ID or passport including confirmation of registration, residence or work permit
  • social security card
  • letter of termination & employment contract
  • curriculum vitae

Registering as unemployed: What do you have to bear in mind?

If you have not yet found a new job, you must register as unemployed no later than the first day after your old employment relationship ends. Unlike registering as a jobseeker, you must register as unemployed in person at the Employment Agency. During the Corona period the Employment Agency also allows a registration by telephone.

If you miss the deadline, your unemployment benefit will not be paid until later. If you submit your unemployment registration too late, you will not receive your unemployment benefit from the start of your unemployment, but only from the time of registration. It is therefore essential that you register as unemployed timely in order to avoid late payment of your unemployment benefit!

Important: Check your chances of receiving severance pay

Many employers take advantage of their power and information and issue wrongful dismissals. You can receive severance pay if you challenge unlawful dismissals with a dismissal protection action.

Important: Dismissals must be challenged within 3 weeks of receipt.

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