The faster you do it - the less money you lose

Volodymyr paid for his apartment 20€/sqm. After he commissioned CONNY with rent control, his rent was reduced by a third. He therefore recommends that the rent control should be pulled early, rather than late.

What was your problem and how did you become aware of CONNY?

I am a foreigner and I had to take rent flat, because I needed "Anmeldung". I payed 20 Euros/m2 and now only 13 ,which is a huge difference. I just saw some Advertisement somewhere that I can decrease the rent, and that's what I did.

What were your concerns before you commissioned CONNY? Were you afraid to confront your landlord with this? What has become of your fears?

I was afraid that landlord will stop repairing my place and maybe even stop my contract. But I just trusted CONNY.

Rent too high?
Do it like Volodymyr and
lower your rent with CONNY

How did the process work out for you, and how much rent could you save?

I did almost nothing, just applied via CONNY, waited for 6 months and started to pay less. I saved 200 Euro per month.

What is your conclusion from your experience with CONNY? What would you like to share with others in a similar situation?

If you have no personal contact with landlord, if it's a big company - just use CONNY. The faster you do it - the less money you lose.