Rent reduced by almost 200 euros within one week: How Tamás from Berlin-Moabit were able to enforce his right to a fair rent

Tamás from Berlin-Moabit paid around 550 euros for about 40 m² of space. A bit steep, but often expats simply accept these horrendous rents, as they are used to high rents from other large cities in Europe and the USA. Not so Tamás, who checked his overpriced rent with the online calculator and was able to save 190 Euro rent per month within a short time!

How could CONNY help you?

With the rent reduction of rent control (Mietpreisbremse).

What was your problem and how did you become aware of CONNY?

After reading an article about CONNY, I have decided to double check my rent as I was sure I pay definitely more as I should. After I have contacted CONNY, a team of lawyers-turned-activists working to fight the incredible rent increases, I have mandated them to contact my Hausverwaltung, and within a week my rent has been reduced based on the Mietspiegel. So now in Moabit instead of 550 euros Kaltmiete, I pay 190.68 euros less per month for a year already. In my case they have reduced to the average local rent + 10 %. Based on my understanding + 10 % is still within the legal limit. So in my case 7.48 euros/m² is the average local rent, and now with the new conditions I will pay 8.22€/m², which is exactly 10 % higher. Previously I paid 12.59 euros/m²! My rent contract is unlimited and not from a private person.

You pay too much rent?
Do it like Tamás. Check your rent here for free.

What were your concerns before you commissioned CONNY? Were you afraid to confront your landlord with this? What has become of your fears?

I was extremely lucky I believe. Once CONNY sent an official letter to my Hausverwaltung, they have responded positively in the next day and from the next month I have already started to pay the new decreased rent amount.

How did the process work out for you, and how much rent could you save?

I save 190.68 euros per month, new Kaltmiete is 349.32 euros instead of 550 euros. I was really happy with the cooperation and the service of the CONNY. They speak English also, and they were also ready to help me with any of my questions. If you do not speak proper German, I can recommend you to ask some help from any of your German neighbours, when you start to fill-in the form on their website. This form help you to get a proper calculation to be able to see, what would be the legally required Kaltmiete you suppose to pay.

What is your conclusion from your experience with CONNY? What would you like to share with others in a similar situation?

The cooperation was quick and effective, I really liked the function in the chat to ask for a recall. Colleagues from CONNY were really helpful and always ready to clarify all my questions during the whole procedure. I can definetely recommend the team of CONNY and wish you a successful cooperation. :)