Termination without explanation

Linnea was employed by her former employer for one of the longest periods of time. All of a sudden, she received a notice of termination without explanation. Together with CONNY, she was at least able to obtain a severance package.

What was your problem and how did you hear about us?

When I suddenly received a termination letter without explanation, as one of the employees that had worked the longest in the company, I knew that something was wrong. I quickly started to search online about my rights, and found Conny Legal who encouraged me to pursue legal action.

What were your concerns before you hired us? For example, were you afraid to confront your employer? What got you over your concerns and what happened to your fears?

I naturally had doubts about commissioning, since I never had pursued legal action previously, but Conny Legal did all of the hard work. In my case I did not even have to meet my employer.

How did the process work out for you, and how much settlement were you able to achieve?

For me the contact occurred through phone and E-mail. Conny Legal updated me with every step of the process and always answered my questions. They managed to negotiate a severance payment of 1500 EUR.

What is your conclusion from your experience with us? What would you like to pass on to others in a similar situation?

It was a very good idea to commission Conny Legal. Not only did I receive the severance payment but I also became much more secure of my rights as a worker. I would encourage others to use this service if they receive a termination.