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Dismissals are often unlawful due to the Dismissal Protection Act. CONNY helps you to make use of your rights.

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Only one day was left until the deadline! But Volodymyr still received a severance payment

Volodymyr's employer refused to pay him severance pay after his termination. Since he had only one day left to enforce his claim, he hired CONNY. In the end, Volodymyr received the severance payment he deserved after all.


Linnea was terminated without given reason

Linnea was employed by her former employer for a long period. All of a sudden, she received a notice of termination, which did not mention any reasoning. With the help of CONNY, she was able to obtain a severance package.

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CONNY's partner lawyers are experts in dealing with terminations. Professionally and in a trusting manner, they fend off unjustified terminations or ensure fair severance payments for employees. Our promise: You as a client bear no financial risk. Conny GmbH assumes all legal fees and court costs. Only in case of success do you pay a commission. Otherwise you will not be charged anything.

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